SARAH + CHIP ~ Grand Forks, ND

If you are looking for a videographer - Kaylee is your girl! Our whole experience and final product was AMAZING! She is so professional, her editing skills are top notch, our videos are fantastic and she has the best vibe!  

We met Kaylee for the first time the day of our wedding. She has such a great eye that it did not matter that we didn't know each other prior - she captured Chip and I and our relationship to a tee in our wedding video - THAT is talent. Before the wedding - she was very easy to communicate and work with. She was so willing (and timely) on answering any questions I had. I knew she was going to be a fit

A person spends so much money on a wedding that you do not get a return on (the food, the venue, etc) - but the investment in your video is a return you will have for the rest of your life! We have watched our wedding video so many times already because she captured so many pieces of the day that I didn't even remember or would not have seen. We will have this for the rest of our life. It is priceless. I can't imagine not having the video footage!  

If you are looking for a videographer - I highly recommend Kaylee. Not only is she ridiculously talented - she was so much fun to work with and I could not be more grateful for her and how she captured our day!


KORINNA + RYAN ~ Copper Mountain, CO

Kaylee's video is my FAVORITE thing from our wedding. I wasn't sure if I should splurge for a wedding video, but I'm SO glad I did! Kaylee is so fun to work with and her work is well worth it! I watch our wedding video once a week and was able to show my grandparents who weren't able to make it to the mountain wedding (everyone cried). I love our wedding video even more than my wedding photos!! If you're questioning whether or not you should pick Kaylee, there is no doubt in my mind you SHOULD, you won't be disappointed!!

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RACHEL + JAKE ~ East Grand Forks, MN 

It’s hard to put into words how AMAZING it was to work with Kaylee LaMoine. 

On our wedding day it seemed impossible to pay attention to every detail, yet Kaylee was able to capture all of those little moments making it easy for us to relive our day. While watching the videos, my husband and I laughed, we cried, and we continuously commented to each other about how we couldn’t remember certain things happening, even though we were right there! You are so busy and so happy on your wedding day, it’s nearly impossible to remember every single thing that happens. Kaylee was able to capture our day perfectly—I can’t imagine not having these memories to look back on.

We received our completed videos within a month of being married—of course I was really hoping we would receive them quickly, but it was definitely not something I was expecting during the busiest time of the year for weddings. 

I would strongly recommend Kaylee LaMoine—Kaylee’s calm demeanor, fun personality, natural talent, and her ability to seem like an old friend to everyone she meets, are among the reasons why I would highly recommend her. I’d say we got pretty lucky after hearing several guests, wedding party attendants, family members, and our photographer comment on how fun, personable, and easy going Kaylee was. You can tell Kaylee loves what she does, and it’s easy to see that she is absolutely amazing at what she does.